DuoTrac 3-Sensor System Will Fix Your Swing

The DuoTrac 3-Sensor System helps improve your swing, increase power, and shake bad habits by analyzing your body and club movement together.

DuoTrac measures your Hip-Sway and Club Face Angle at the three key positions of your swing: top, down, and impact.

Correcting your Hip-Sway will fix your club path and face angle which will give you effortless power and accuracy.

Just connect the sensors to our app, take your swings, and instantly see how to improve your body and club movements.


User Friendly App

Track and Compare

With Tour-proven techniques, you can track measurable results on a daily basis. Our platform allows you to easily improve by setting goals and tracking key metrics every time you make a swing. It’s time to see consistent results!

Golf Swing Analysis

Reliable Data

Review exact club face angle and hip sway data at the most critical points in your swing. This allows you to identify weaknesses and improve each of the areas that Tour pro’s practice on a daily basis.

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