Apps that will help to Ace your golf game.

Athletes know that there is always a room for improvement. It is especially applicable in this era of technical progress. With the many innovative tools available, it would be foolish not to take advantage of them to improve your game. Here are some apps can help take any golfer’s game to the next level.

  1. DuoTrac Golf Kit (3 sensors)

Whether you are trying golf for the first time or a seasoned vet, DuoTrac can help improve your skills. This multi-point, motion-tracking, portable sensor device helps analyze your swing on a completely new level. DuoTrac’s three sensor system provides a clear picture of your club face angle and weight shift during each swing. The easy-to-use mobile app gives a deeper insight into what happens at the address, at the top of your swing, during your down swing, and at impact. “Thumbs up” for a great performance, and “thumbs down” if something went wrong. After the analysis, DuoTrac provides coaching tips on how to correct your swing and consequently, improve your overall game.

  1. Golf GPS, Scorecard & Tee Time Booking

This GPS rangefinder with over 40000 golf course layouts provides real-time distances to the front, back, and center of the green. The Golf GPS, Scorecard & Tee Time Booking app also recognizes all major targets and hazards for your convenience. The user-friendly digital scorecard allows you to input your score and save it for future reference. It also gives you an option to track your partners’ performances and share scores by email. The app’s premium feature enables you to track the distance of your last shot.

  1. WGT Golf Game by Topgolf

Play golf anywhere you want! With the WGT Golf Game you can practice your skills even during those long winter days in the office. This 3D golf game allows you to not only play against your friends, but compare your own personal best on a global leaderboard. You can even share your best results via Facebook, Twitter or email. The WGT Golf Game has amazing graphics that simulate various golf shots from different lies. Whenever you want to escape reality and practice your swing in the comfort of your home, this app is available to you.


Visulax Golf - Master the Mental Game and Tips to Score Better Now

“If you think golf is relaxing, you are not playing it right” – Bob Hope.

Every experienced player knows golf is more mental than physical. Visulax is an app that caters to this aspect of your practice. This new tool provides not only playing tips, but also visualization and relaxation techniques that help to block out distractions to concentrate on a perfect swing.
Visualax is a great mix of a pocket psychologist and a coach in one tiny app – definitely worth a try.

With all these new advances, it is hard not to find a tool that will assist in improving your score on the links. Share your favorite golf apps in the comments section below and we can expand this list for all the golf addicts out there.

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Winter Golf Tips: Playing in Cold Weather

Cold weather golf Source: Daily Mail


Don’t let the cold weather stop you from playing golf! As summer begins to wind down, most of us will encounter some colder weather conditions. Although your scoring average will slightly increase due to the rougher conditions, you’ll have the chance to work on different shots and still undergo insightful golf swing analysis. For those of us who don’t want to hang up our clubs during off-season, there are ways to protect yourself against the cold. If you are among those passionate golfers, then here are ways to address the chilly weather challenges:


Warm-Up: Before hitting the golf course, stretch to prevent injuries and play better golf. Your cold muscles need to be exercised to avoid injuring yourself and promote a fluid, full golf swing, which can improve your overall performance. Try warming up with light activities for about 5-10 minutes or walk instead of riding to keep your body warmed up and loose.

Play Smart: Did you know that golf balls don’t travel well in the cold? It can actually affect your distance. You can lose anywhere from about 3 to 5 yards! To better your chances, try to keep your golf balls warm. You can do so by keeping them in your pocket between holes. Just remember, warm balls fly farther!

Track Progress: Keep your game in check by utilizing a Golf Swing Tracker to measure your progress. Analyze your ability to play in various weather conditions. This will help you train for any hardship that you may run into. It’ll also give you the chance to brush up on your skills and enforce proper swing techniques. A swing analyzer is a great tool that promotes proper posture and provides a guide as to how to progressively improve.

Dress Warmly: Protect yourself from the cold by wisely layering up. Don’t bundle up too much, though! Otherwise, you won't be able to even make a solid, full swing. Try layering up with a thermal shirt and short or long sleeve golf shirt. If it’s really windy, try bundling on a sweater or light-weight windbreaker. Remember, heat tends to escape from your head, toes, and hands first, so try wearing a toboggan hat, warm socks, and/or gloves to keep warm from the chilly weather.

Don’t come back into golf season rusty! Time away from the golf course can be a bad decision for your golf game. Being properly prepared for all the winter obstacles can actually be just as fun if not more exhilarating.

Most Famous and Beautiful Golf Resorts in the World

Although much debated, the game of golf as we know it today originated in Scotland in the 15th-century and is respected as “A Game of Confidence”. Its appeal has spread across the globe, attracting players of all levels to its many breathtakingly beautiful and challenging courses. Whether you’re looking to put your skills to the test, utilizing your well-learned golf swing tips, or just take in the remarkable scenery while training to lower your handicap with your golf swing analyzer, there are a number of stunning resorts to consider. Ranking the top golf resorts in the world depends on a wide variety of criteria such as:
  • Condition, quality, and history of the beautiful golf course
  • Accommodation luxuries and qualities
  • Availability of food and drinks
  • Other facilities available on the golf course
Some of the best golf courses in the world are as follows: St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland old-course-at-st-andrews Source: Golf Breaks 

Known as the “home of golf,” Scotland houses some of the oldest golf courses. St. Andrews Old Course is the oldest course in the world, as golf was first played here in the 15th Century. The beautiful landscape features the most extraordinary putting surfaces in the world as well as rolling hills and stunning beaches. Old Course is rarely ranked outside of the top golf courses in the world because of its uniquely, naturally designed links. Pinehurst Resort in North Carolina, United States Pinehurst-Golf-Image-No-7-1000x563 Source: Pinehurst 

This historic golf resort has hosted many national championships. Laid in about 1897, Pinehurst hosted its first championship in 1901 during the South Amateur Championship. Ranked as the world’s largest golf resort, Pinehurst has a total of nine golf courses, three hotels, and extensive sports and leisure facilities. Its tranquil beauty and exceptional attractiveness is what drives golfers to this exquisite destination. Pebble Beach Resorts in California18th-Hole-at-Pebble-Beach-Golf-Links-redesigned Source:

This resort does not need an introduction as it has hosted five U.S. Opens amongst numerous other tournaments. Golfers can relish in the jaw-dropping ocean views. Its laid back atmosphere contributes to its luxurious experience.  Since 1919, golfers everywhere have dreamed of playing at this golf resort as it has been walked upon by some of golf’s greatest names. The Pebble Beach Resorts will simply sweep you off your feet. A few other famously beautiful golf resorts include the American Club in Kohler, the K Club in Straffan, Sotogrande in Spain, Mission Hills in China, Fancourt in South Africa, and Quinta do Lago in Portugal. There are numerous places to go golfing for all those who wish to experience the majestic outdoors. They’re great places to renew your love for the game, motivate yourself to improve, and peacefully train and play a few rounds.

The Quickest Way To Improve Your Golf Swing

Source: Howcast

Golf Swing Analyzer can prove to be a very useful device to improve your golf game by improving your golf swing. Although it does not have the same feel as one-on-one golf lessons with a professional coach, swing analyzers are still capable of providing the instant feedback, results, and steps to improvement with real-time progress reports of each swing. They can prove useful by focusing your attention on your strengths and weaknesses, offering actionable statistics on becoming a better golfer. Golf swing analyzers can help golfers hone their skills and analyze their swings either by club movement at various parts of the swing or through video analysis. There are a multitude of wearable devices on the market for all types of golfers. Professional golfers, amateurs, and PGA Coaches alike have begun to embrace wearable technology to improve their golf game and get the competitive edge. These gadgets offer informative insight by tracking performance, accuracy on the fairway, or how far the ball has traveled. Providing information regarding your rounds and swings can help you analyze and achieve more consistency on the green.

Some Golf Swing Analyzers are able to pinpoint specific areas of your game that needs work with instant coaching advice, presenting easy-to-understand visualizations and professional swings to compare your performance against. There are other analyzers that allow you to video record your swings before loading it into your computer. It is then run through a software program that analyzes your golf swing for the direction, speed, and angle of the shot. It can also project the direction and accuracy of the shot. Such shots are actually hit at a target where a camera records the swing from several angles so that an accurate picture can be made of the golfer's swing and technique.

For this reason, you are able to receive a far more comprehensive Golf Swing Analysis for your golf swing. Such sophisticated technology is typically used at golf centers to analyze your performance. So get out there and embrace all the wearable technology. Start slashing shots off your handicap!

Crucial Fundamentals of Golf: Mastering Golf Swing Mechanics

By having the correct golf swing fundamentals in place, you’ll be able to move onto more advanced techniques. Nailing these fundamentals down can be one of the biggest challenges for golfers. Transforming your golf swing to acquire distance or to correct your swing posture requires continued practice and learning. By blending the proper mechanisms, a player is able to begin swinging golf shots that are on target more consistently. Confidence and control can significantly increase the degree of precision in a player! Although achieving a perfect swing won’t happen overnight, with enough practice, golf swing analysis, and thorough knowledge of the game, you’ll be able to begin improving rapidly. Here are a few golf tips to help you during your training sessions:
  • Nothing is more fundamental to swinging correctly than having a sound grip. Employ a grip that will allow you to hit straighter, longer shots. Note that some common mistakes are gripping too much with the right thumb and forefinger and having a grip that’s too tight. It’s difficult to swing freely with a tight grip. Experiment with different grip pressure levels to maintain total control of the club during a swing.


Source: Free Online Golf Tips

  • Establishing good posture is the foundation to a solid swing. Many golfers tend to overlook the fact that your swing is built around the posture you establish at address. To find and maintain your good starting posture, you can use a golf swing analyzer for some insightful tips and drills. You’ll be able to receive solutions instantly to begin training the right way. To correct your posture, point your toes slightly outward and keep your feet shoulder-width apart before swinging your golf club. Keep your weight in the arches of your feet. Do not lock your knees. Instead, slightly bend your knees and hips. Stay balanced by keeping your spine straight and slightly tilting forward to maintain your posture throughout the swing. Make sure your knee caps, top of your spine, and balls of your feet are all aligned with one another.

golf posture


Source: Age Defying Golf

  • Maintaining good balance throughout your swing will not only maximize the clubhead speed, but also help you hit the ball squarely and solid. The key to any good game is - "Balance". While on the driving range, practice better balance by swinging with your feet together. On the course, learn to build a solid base for your swing by taking a wider stance.

golf balance


Source: Hobby and Entertainment

  • To hit the ball farther, you need to learn to properly shift weight during and after you swing. So often, it’s difficult for golfers to understand how to shift weight. By undergoing golf swing analysis, you’ll be able to achieve the best possible results for your swing. If you’re swinging correctly, at address you should feel like your weight is being evenly distributed between your feet. During the backswing, shift your weight to your back foot. While attempting a downward swing, shift all your body weight to the front foot and move your hips forward. Your posture, weight, and swing are all dependent on each other. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand all three aspects of form to start hitting more solid shots.

Adam Scott

Source: Golf WRX

  • Tempo and Timing: The key to mastering golf mechanics and swinging properly lies behind the force of energy behind the pendulum golf swing. Good timing will produce maximum power. Your swing speed is dependent upon the amount of energy produced by your body’s rotational movement. This energy is what gets transferred throughout the entire swing to the golf ball at impact. Thus, your tempo and timing are the deciding factors for your accuracy, control, and distance.

tempo and timing

Source: Golf Digest

Revive Your Golf Resolutions before 2016 Ends

Many of us rang in the new year with renewed ambitious goals. Now that we are well into 2016, some of us may have slacked off a tad or forgotten our resolutions entirely. A number of surveys have found that there is a large percentage of the population who make resolutions at the start of the year, yet by the third month, have either completely forgotten about them or work them in as an important part of their routine. Golfers are no different. They put thought into how and what they’d like to achieve in their game, but implementing points of improvement is no easy task, which can be discouraging. Don’t lose sight of your personal game goals. Below are some easy ways to better your golf experience, so that you may revert back to your resolutions. Warm Up: Getting warmed up by stretching will not only reduce your risk of injury, but also help you maintain a consistent, powerful swing pattern, which will lower your handicap. Therefore, one of the best golf swing tips is to stretch every day for at least 5-10 minutes. Try including a back, shoulders, leg and neck stretch to keep you prepped for all your games. Regularly stretching will promote muscle relaxation, increase your body awareness, and help you maintain a consistent swing pattern. This will help you increase your power with every club. A golfer shows his frustration or he could be just working out some tight muscles. Source: Confident Golfer 

Stay hydrated: Staying hydrated during your rounds of golf is very important, especially when the hot temperatures roll in. You should prepare for your rounds of golf by drinking a good deal of water the night before your match, match day, and after the match. Try to avoid drinking too much alcohol, especially after your match as alcohol will dehydrate you. Try having another refreshing bottle of water before reaching for that cold beer.

Drink water Source: Golf WRX 

Take Practice Swings: Whether you’re trying to gain more distance or correct that hook or slice, you should try more than just getting out on the driving range. Although there’s no way to avoid the amount of practice and time it takes to build a good swing, the best golf swing tip to keep in mind is: you should start every day with a slow, controlled swing and continue to proceed until you reach up to 100 practice swings per day. It’s a great little golf workout that can improve your flexibility and strength. You don’t even need to go out on the range. You can hold your practice session in the comfort of your home.

Driving-range-bucket1 Source: Steve Thomas Golf 

Healthy Eating: Take your game to the next level by being mindful of your diet. To boost your game, go for foods with a variety of color. Don’t reach for those empty calories. Instead, avoid foods that make you feel tired and sluggish and choose the rights foods to help you maintain your energy levels during and after a round. Although eating right won’t slice your golf handicap overnight, all golfers can benefit by being considerate of their diet before, during, and after their rounds.

Food-and-golf Source: Gorilla Golf Blog 

It’s not too late to make 2016 the year you achieve those golf resolutions! Start with baby steps. Maybe even try using a golf swing tracker to help motivate you and track your progress. Now get out there and start hitting your resolution targets!

Golf Swing Tips - How to Stop Topping Golf Balls and Improve Your Golf Swing?


Topping Golf Balls 101

Have you ever found yourself unable to get your golf balls into the air? If your golf balls just roll along the ground, unable to lift off the ground then you’re encountering what is called topping the ball. This tends to happen when your club contacts the ball above its equator and when you’ve too much body movement during your swing. Ironically, many golfers make the problem worse by trying to lift or scoop the golf ball off the turf. Fundamentally, the problem is that your golf swing tips are incorrect or lacking in some way. Assuming that you are using the correct golf club, its design will ensure that the ball will fly into the air when you swing the club correctly. The quickest way to stop topping golf balls is to consult a golf pro or golf swing coach. He/She will be able to pinpoint where you’re making the most detrimental mistakes and suggest the best drills to improve your golf swing. Pursuing shortcuts tends to be a hit or miss affair. Sometimes, you just need to admit that you simply do not have the time to practice or visit your swing coach enough. If this is the dilemma you seem to find yourself in, invest in a golf swing analyzer or tracker. A Golf Swing Tracker can be used to track and analyze your shots, providing insight on what you’re doing incorrectly. It’s a great tool to utilize in-between lessons or to fit in a quick practice session. Some Golf Swing Trackers even offer instant tips and fixes to address ongoing swing problems. If you want to stop topping your golf balls, here are two quick golf swing drills to help you do just that: Drill 1:

  • Objective: Hit the sweet spot.
  • Swing with your feet close together.
  • Begin with a half swing when you hit the ball. There’s no need to swing hard.
  • Tip: Don’t stand up too straight. Make sure you bend from your hips and maintain that angle throughout the swing.
Drill 2:
  • After you set up to the ball, pull your right foot back 10 inches. Make sure your shoulders are parallel to your target line.
  • Raise your right heel off the ground.
  • Swing with only 60% of your speed.
  • Tip: It’s harder to slide right when you pull your right foot back and raise your right heel. By closing your stance, it’ll be easier to turn rather than slide.
Some golfers find that they only top the ball with their drivers and low-numbered irons. The reason for this is due to the fact that they have difficulty controlling the added power when they swing with these clubs. You’ll be able to prevent yourself from embarrassingly dribbling your golf ball once you learn to perform those drills correctly, get help from a coach, or train with a Golf Swing Tracker. Of course, not everyone has access to a competent golf pro, so before you decide to start surfing the web for a solution, double check your sources so that you don’t injure yourself or cause yourself more confusion. The best thing to do is to get out and hit a few dozen golf balls and capture it all on video. Then, analyze what you see, and compare it against your notes or have a golf pro take a look at it. Once you’re able to correct these mistakes, you’re golf swing is sure to improve and you’ll finally be able to stop topping your golf balls!

Golf Swing Analysis May Be the Solution to Your Swing Problems

FacebookAd_duotrac_4 before n after The best way to correct flaws in a golfer's swing is to trace the root of the problem. Although the internet is not lacking with swing tips, attempting to follow tip after tip isn’t necessarily the solution. Whatever your weak spots, you’re going to want to physically get out and practice. A great way to begin pinpointing your problem areas is through Golf Swing Analysis. Utilizing the key metrics, tips, and drills attained from such analysis will provide an appropriate solution to the problems you’re experiencing. Develop sound swing mechanics to begin hitting the ball straighter! Analyzing your golf swing will break down your swing so that you may review each key fundamental part of the swing to help you better understand proper golf swing mechanics. The primary challenge of learning to play golf is being able to swing in one smooth, continuous motion time and time again. Within this single, composed process is a variety of techniques and unique movements that must be properly executed in order to crisply strike the ball. These unique movements are the fundamental building blocks of the swing. Fixating on the swing as a whole instead of bite-sized portions will leave you stumped. Using a golf swing analyzer or training tool to break down your swing and provide helpful golf swing analysis will enable you to analyze every aspect of the swing. This allows you to make specific improvements by providing analysis regarding features of your swing, whether good, bad, or ugly. A swing analyzer or golf simulator can prove to be an exceptional tool to portray the details of your golf swing by dissecting it. This slick, intuitive way of analysis can thoroughly measure several points of your golf swing, drilling down to your unique flaws. It’s as if you’re getting all the personalized attention you need in-between your lessons all while practicing in the comfort of your home or at your convenience. Golf swing analyzers can be extremely beneficial as they are loaded with helpful insights into better game play and permanent improvement. A Golf Swing Analyzer is capable of providing customized feedback about your golf swing whether a beginner, amateur, or pro. With enough practice, determination, and confidence you’ll be able to overcome any adversity that comes your way. Now it’s time for you to get out there and show us what you’ve got!

Can Using A Golf Swing Analyzer Really Improve Your Game?

Devices_Mockup_SMALL Perfecting your golf swing is the key to taking your golf game to new heights. Although we may all want to swing like Tiger Woods, no two golf swings are alike. You can take great shots without having a beautiful swing. All it requires is a consistent, repeatable swing. Your golf ball will only react the way it is directed to. Training aids, like a golf swing analyzer, can help you maintain a solid, repeatable swing to shave off strokes, score better, and increase your confidence and enjoyment on the golf course. All of this can happen by first honing your golf swing to perfection. One sure way of improvement is to take professional golf lessons. Although this option is proven very effective, it can be quite time consuming and costly. For most golfers, time is of the essence; therefore, utilizing a tool to practice whenever you’re free or at home is incredibly convenient! Investing in a quality Golf Swing Analyzer will not only save you time and money, it’ll also supplement your training so that you may maintain good swing consistency and make learning easier. Some swing analyzers utilize a video camera to help pinpoint where necessary adjustments to your swing form ought to be made. With readily accessible swing analysis, you are able to detect your form flaws, view your swing at various angles, and document your performance over an extended period of time to measure consistency. Documenting your swings in a single device gives you the ability to compare and contrast each swing and conveniently allows for future analysis. There are many types of golf swing analyzers. An impact indicator is quite popular as it is easy to use. The single strip can be placed on the face of any club to measure exactly where your club face came into contact with your golf ball after impact. An accurate swing relies on the golf ball being square to the club face. At the point of impact, hitting a golf ball right in the middle of the club face, also known as the sweet spot, will result in a square shot each and every time. Being accurate and consistent at the point of impact is incredibly crucial to a good game. Practice hitting golf balls with the sweet spot of your driver and irons to develop a swing that results in shots with greater distance and power. Another basic exercise is known as the Coin Drill, which helps promote good footwork and balance. Deliberately train yourself to have more controlled footwork. Simply place a coin on the top/middle of each shoe. The coins should remain in position without ever falling off. Golf Swing Analyzers have a lot to offer, especially when supplemented with face-to-face training. Don’t wait until the golf season is here. Working on your game during the off-season is the perfect time to begin making improvements so that you’re ready to hit the green when the warm weather arrives.

The Most Important Part Of The Golf Swing: Golf Swing Tips

Robert-Streb-Swing-Sequence-Panel-Staff Feel confident with the shots you hit. Never overlook all the simple, yet vital golf tips you receive from your golf coaches, instructors, or reliable sources. Get the inside scoop here on the best golf swing tips from top-rated golf professionals. If you’re having problems with your swing, rely on these best proven golf tips to begin your journey towards improvement. Body Posture Ensure that you’re keeping proper body posture as it is key to the development and maintenance of good balance throughout your swing. Doing so will help you achieve better results during your round of golf or practice session on the range. Maintain your balance during your swing by keeping your knees bent. This will enable your weight to rest in the center of your feet. To further aid with balance, take more controlled swings. Instead of taking an all-out swing at 100%, mentally train yourself to take a 70% swing. This will help you maintain rhythm, balance, and enough distance to successfully carry out your swings. Understanding Your Clubs If you use 420cc or 460cc drivers, tee the golf ball higher to ensure that you’re hitting the ball on the upswing. When attempting to make a short putt, align your putter with the hole for best results. Familiarize yourself with your golf clubs. Learn how to optimally utilize your driver, irons, and putter. By better understanding your clubs, you’ll be able to see a dramatic increase in your performance as you begin to hit the ball farther and more accurately each time on that sweet spot. Clean Your Clubs It is highly recommended that you regularly clean your golf clubs, golf club grips, golf balls, and golf swing tracker. This can make all the difference between nailing a square shot down the middle of the fairway or having the ball land a few feet in front of you. Dirty clubs can very easily contribute to a few extra strokes or more per round. To determine how often you may need to clean your golf clubs depends on how often you golf. Keep A Tucked Elbow Remember, your right elbow must always remain in a tucked position during your backswing and well into your finish. Focusing on your right hand position will allow your downswing to travel the most efficient path into the ball. Consequently, your golf swing will maintain the best club face angle and proper swing plane with net results being better ball strike and more consistent golf.
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