DuoTrac Golf Kit (3 Sensors)

$ 149.00

• Hip and Club Sensors
• USB Charger Cable
• FREE App Download (iOS & Android)

*Ships anywhere in the world!


Reliable Data

Review exact club face angle and hip sway data at the most critical points in your swing. This allows you to identify weaknesses and improve each of the areas that Tour pro’s practice on a daily basis.

Reliable Data

Track & Compare

With Tour-proven techniques, you can track measurable results on a daily basis. Our platform allows you to easily improve by setting goals and tracking key metrics every time you make a swing. It’s time to see consistent results!

Club Face Angle

Club Face Angle

DuoTrac effortlessly measures the face angle of your clubhead at every key position of the swing to keep you square. Watch as you hit the sweet spot time and time again!

Swing Consistency

Instant Fixes and Tips

Instantly fix and perfect the consistency of your swing. Establishing an optimal swing results in a low score and an enjoyable game!

Body Positioning

Hip Sway

A proper golf swing sequence is the foundation for a solid golf swing. By stabilizing your hips and properly hip swaying, the club will naturally align itself with the target line right through impact. Minimize your misses with DuoTrac!

Overall Score and Stats

Overall Golf Score & Statistics

Watch your confidence soar as you measure your progress and strategize your games. Game improvements translate swiftly into lower scores and an exceptional golfer!