Picking the right line when putting is vital.  If you can’t start the ball on that line and keep the ball on that line, you won’t make many putts.  GEN i1 will help you do just that by giving you real time feedback on your starting line and the balls’ rotation. 

Start it on line, get it to roll true, make putts…GEN i1!





GEN i1 will be launched with a full gaming experience on the App allowing you to get crucial data throughout all phases of the game. In the future, it will connect to your favorite virtual games to play seamlessly in the gaming world.




Gen i1 (1 ball and 1 sensor pack) Pre-Order

$ 189.00 $ 139.00

  • 1 GEN i1 Golf Ball with 1 Club Sensor
  • USB Charger Cable
  • Charging base
  • App for iOS & Android coming soon
  • Shipping Early Fall 2017