DuoTrac 2.0 (3 Sensors)

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  • Analyzing only your swing is not enough. Your body motion affects your club path and control. By improving your body motion and swing together, you can achieve effortless power and tour-player consistency. By improving your hip-sway, you will instantly see:

    • Increased speed and power
    • Accuracy and distance
    • Perfect swing path and face to path consistency

    Our 3-sensor system analyzes the 3 key positions in your swing (Top, Down, and Impact) and instantly shows you if you are making the correct motion or not. Making improvements in these key positions will allow you to break your bad habits and quickly improve with instant reliable feedback from our app.

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  • Operating System: Android 4.3 or superior, IOS 8 or superior

    Communication: Bluetooth 4.0 Low Power Consumption Communication Technology

    Environmental: Can be used outdoor or indoor (Wi-Fi or cell signal is required)

    Dimensions: Diameter 30mm, Height 10mm

    Power Supply & Charging: via Micro-USB(included)

    Charging Time: Approximately 90 minutes

    Usage: Approximately 6 hours of continuous use

    Firmware Update: Supported via DuoTrac Application(Android & iOS)

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